What's Wrong in our Capitol and Why You Need to Know About it

Is an incredible real life story of corruption that proves the ties between Powerful Elected Officials and the Controlling Big Oil Special Interests. Written by the only one witness to a Federal Crime.

UNMASKED clearly demonstrates the degree of control that big oil has over some of our Politicians today! Not all, but several powerful ones.

One politician has power no more and the careers of others have been and will continue to be called into question. Lives were in Danger. And careers of Federal Agents ended abruptly.

With that sort of money and power in play, Protecting our Environment today does not happen. And today, this sort of Corruption - Political and Corporate - is the main cause of Partisan Dysfunction in Washington, and it is the reason for all the Lies that Hide the Facts and Truth. This is why today we can not slow down and reverse the effects of Climate Change but instead, things are only getting much worse for our planet and the levels of divisivness in Washington Politics and for all of us as well.

If the powers that be in Washington right now can arbitrarily decide to go against our contry's National Security Interests and this world's Global Interest, then we're all in trouble!

At less than $10, UNMASKED is destined to be on Amazon's Best Seller List

It is our job as voters to fix this one, because no one else can!

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