The GCEC is a newly formed Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organization (NP-NGO).

Founded and chartered in San Francisco in April of 2014.
Granted official 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in June 04 2015.

We came to be because of what we saw as an urgent need to facilitate government, industry, businesses, the United Nations, other non-profits, NGO’s and others in an effort to answer the urgent call to action to address the underlying causes of Climate Change.

Recently the United States Government declared Global Warming and Climate Change to be a threat to our National Security. In no small part that would have come about because Climate Change is a threat to Global Security. However, today our current President has arbitrarily forgotten that fact!

With the knowledge that people all over the world, doing their part by making changes in their day to day lives, a change in the trajectory of climate change is still today nowhere in sight. And that change must take place.

The underlying causes are many. The fixes to these problems are not all that difficult to figure out. But what has proven very difficult has been the implementation of the solutions by people who genuinely care and have tried very hard. Solutions to our environmental problems will come when the divisiveness in Washington politics is halted.

A storm is brewing. Brewing more often. With more strength and more destructive power than we have seen before. Several years ago we all witnessed one of the worst. Super Storm Sandy put a halt to the NYC Subway System. Coastal communities in the North Eastern United States were pummeled and destroyed. Businesses, homes and infrastructure re-built. And since Super Storm Sandy, we have since had major flooding throughout most of the country, along with many major wildfires in the Western part of the country. Today we're just waiting for the next super-storm that will make Sandy seem small. Real and nu-biased science doesn’t always tell us everything, but it does tell us, based on current climate patterns what is coming, and it then demonstrates the growing frequency and severity of what we will be dealing with. So we should be listening carefully and more importantly we need to act instead of just always reacting.